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Life Skills Productions

powerful storytelling for positive change


Changing Behavior: The Financial Education Challenge

Curt Lansbery, CEO of North American Tool, was frustrated that his employees weren’t maxing out their 401(k) investments. Participation was low, even though the company matched a portion of the employees contribution. So,   more»

The Power of Story to Impact Long-Term Memory

You would think that a film which American cinema icons, Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart, considered their personal favorite would have been a certified box office success. However, for their film, It’s A Wonderful Life this   more»

An Effective Development Tool

The Life Skills Productions team has a wealth of experience producing films that support organizations working in the social sector. These compelling films have proven to be effective development tools; often used to raise funds,   more»

The Nature of the Moving Image

I had just landed my first job in broadcast television as an account executive; one who sells commercial time to local businesses and advertising agencies. The time was pre-digital revolution, and broadcast television was the   more»